The Eagle Tavern - 201 High Street, Sunderland


Known as the Three Crowns in the latter part of the seventeenth century, it was also known as the Exchange Tavern and as the Royal Exchange. It took its name from the carved wooden eagle which once surmounted its pediment, and was a very prominent feature of the streetscape of the town. The building ceased to be a public house in 1920, and afterwards it became a Bakelite plastic factory. Sometime later it lost its eagle which stood in the garden of a house in Deptford. It is now believed to 'live' in Jersey


When the building was restored in 2002 it gained an equally impressive new eagle, carved by the renowned sculptor, Phil Townsend.


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The eagle once again gazes down on the little that is left of the once diverse and vibrant High Street of Sunderland.